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Founding a Mathematics Teaching and Research Centre of international standard and building new offices for the Center for Research and Advanced Studies in Social Anthropology (CIESAS)– South Pacific, “place Oaxaca on the world map of humanistic and mathematic research,” explained Enrique Cabrero Mendoza, President of the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT) at the first ordinary session of the National Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation held this weekend in Oaxaca.

During the inauguration held on Friday 7, in a central hotel, Tomás González Estrada, president of the National Network of Councils and State Agencies for Science and Technology, indicated that Oaxaca stands out for its contribution to mathematics because of the Oaxacans who carry out high-level research in the discipline. González Estrada indicated that this was an important factor in deciding to establish the Mathematics Teaching and Research Centre in Oaxaca. The support of the painter Francisco Toledo, who has loaned land and facilities for the center’s construction, was another important factor. The center will be located next to the San Agustin Etla Art Centre (CASA) in Etla.

Cabrero Mendoza states that the Centre will be “a place for mathematical activities and discussion,” with events attended by “the best mathematicians in the world” to analyze advances in this scientific branch. “The Center will prevent brain drain and it will even attract new brains; the most talented mathematicians in the world.” CONACYT will provide resources for the construction and reconstruction of the facilities.

Cabrero Mendoza affirmed that Mexico maintains a considerable standard internationally in terms of research in mathematics, despite basic education levels falling in Mexico, according to evaluations. He says that this is because “the education system has not been able to transmit the knowledge… the language of life and of science.”

The construction of the Centre will compliment Oaxaca’s humanistic and artistic vocation. As indicated by speeches in the inauguration, Oaxaca is characterized by its abundant cultural work and its social science research centers, thanks to the strong presence of indigenous populations and social movements. Now, with a center dedicated to what is considered to be “the queen of the sciences,” artistic life will be complimented with research in math at a time when the institution CIESAS- South Pacific is also being reinforced.

CIESAS’ new offices will be in the Crestón ecological reserve in San Felipe del Agua. They will be the first auto sustainable and completely ecological facilities

in Oaxaca. These facilities will help to reaffirm CIESAS- South Pacific’s position as a “hub” for the national network of research centers.

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